Delivery Simulator 2014

 Jul 15, 2014 -

Download Delivery Simulator from windows store

Download from Windows Store

Delivery simulator is a free-to-play vehicle driving simulator. You can drive Trucks in missions where you can attach/detach truck’s trailer, use Forklifts to put the crates in vehicles and deliver them, drive Army Truck without dropping cargo. There are 30 levels where you race against time and try to drive clean. Better you drive, more stars you will get. Stars unlock new vehicles in free drive mode including sport cars.


All vehicles include interior view
Beautifully crafted environment and cities
Realistic car physics, smooth and precise handling
Realistic graphics with exhaust smokes and car reflections
Realistic vehicle sounds and sound effects
Vehicles receive damage and in free drive mode they can be repaired
Choose between “Accelerometer” (tilt), “Button” and “Steering Wheel” control.
12 vehicles to drive including trucks, cars, vans, sport cars and a forklift (more to come soon)
Rotate the camera and zoom with finger gestures

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