Simula Games
Based in Ankara/Turkey & Paderborn/Germany

Release date:
Nintendo Switch / PC: 23 June 2020

PC (Windows/Mac - Steam) (Released)
Nintendo Switch (Released)
Android/iOS (2021)
PS4 / Xbox (Late 2021)


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For up to date game description, please visit steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/873840/Truck_and_Logistics_Simulator/


  • More than 20 unique vehicles with realistic interior and driving physics
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer with cooperative missions. Make convoys and deliver together with your friends
  • Purchase vehicles from minivans to heavy trucks and grow your logistics fleet
  • Load your trucks by operating unique loading vehicles from logistics areas (Forklift, Loader, Crane, etc.)
  • Transport heavy vehicles (cars, forklifts, wheel loaders, ATV's) by loading them onto the trailer
  • Day/night cycle and realistic weather. Drive careful in weather conditions including Rain and Fog
  • Dynamic tire deformation. Adjust the pressure of the wheels of your vehicle.
  • Vehicle damage can cause Axles to bend, affecting vehicle physics realistically.
  • Thousands of different missions, including challenging and dangerous off-road tours
  • Vehicle customizations (Paint, Window tint, Interior dashboard color, Xenon headlight, etc.)
  • 24 km2 open-world map where you can reach anywhere without invisible walls


Delivery Simulator's first playable version was released to Windows Phone 8 store in July 2014. Although 2014 version was primitive compared to the current version, Delivery Simulator was picked as featured by Microsoft in several countries and it has received positive reviews from Windows Phone news websites. The game didn't receive any updates after 2014, but it has reached 3.5 million downloads as of 2018.

Truck & Logistics Simulator's PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox/PS4 versions will be published by Aerosoft.


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Download High Resolution Screenshots (.rar archive)
Download High Resolution Screenshots (.rar archive)

Download High Resolution Screenshots (.rar archive)

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About Simula Games

Simula Games is an independent game studio located in Ankara/Turkey and Paderborn/Germany. The team has been working on Truck & Logistics Simulator for mobile, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms since 2014.

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Truck & Logistics Simulator Credits

Mehmet Can Kahraman
Game Designer, Programmer

Osman Balcı
Senior 3D Artist, Vehicle Specialist

Sümeyye Kahraman
Environment Designer

Hüdayi Karapınar
3D Artist


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