Delivery Simulator

Delivery Simulator

Delivery Simulator

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Delivery Simulator

Delivery simulator will be a free-to-play vehicle driving simulator that will be available in Android, iOS, Windows phone and PC (PC version may be released on Steam with a small price)
  • Day/night cycle. You will have to drive cautious in realistic weather conditions including FogRain and Snow.
  • GPS system: Follow the GPS to reach destination in delivery missions.
  • Fuel system: Vehicles have realistic fuel consumption calculation. You will have to refuel your vehicles in gas stations.
  • Traffic with realistic AI and physics.
  • All vehicles will have original realistic interiors with working dashboard and GPS.
  • In some levels player will be able to use ferryboat to complete a mission.
  • Multiplayer support, enter same map with your friends and drive together around the map. We have plans to add cooperative delivery missions with updates
  • Virtual Reality - VR support. Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR will be supported with a gamepad.
  • Map: 5kmx3km map where you can reach anywhere without hidden walls. Mission lengths up to 10km
  • Trafik Rules (optional): Speed limit(radar or police control), signal lights(blinker) on intersections, Red light control. Traffic rules can be disabled in settings
- Begin missions with driving to the logistics areas. Load your vehicle with diverse loading vehicles.
Missions in Delivery Simualtor:
- Van/Pickup levels: Use forklifts to load cargo to the vehicle, then drive vehicle to the destination. In pickup levels, you shouldn't drop the cargo.
Attach a utility trailer to your van/pickup to increase it's load capacity.
Crane - Truck levels, Place containers on the trailer with controlling the crane, then drive the truck with attaching trailer.

In some truck levels, after delivering a container to harbor, use an harbor crane to load container in a cargo ship.

Car carrier truck levels: Drive cars on trucks trailer and then drive the truck to the destination.
Forklifts and Backhoe loaders will all so be loaded to trailers and then carried by driving the truck. 

- Forklift-Truck levels: Load trucks trailer with using forklift, deliver cargo with driving the truck.

- Damper truck levels: Load damper trucks using a backhoe loader. After arriving at the destination, unload the load with lifting the trailer.

- For cars or vans, you will be able to carry small trailers or caravans. There will be urgent delivery missions that will be completed by driving cars.

- Earn experience and in-game money by completing levels. You will receive penalty on experience and earning if you damage the cargo or disobey traffic rules.

-Purchase and upgrade new vehicles in these categories;
- Trucks
- Vans
- Pickups
- Cars

Development progress: 90% complete. Release date: 2017

Windows Store

PC (2017 on Steam)

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